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It's that whole thing about silence.
It's like a mask...
Like the lips are sewn, you know?

WHoLE is a participatory performance installation in the windows of Place in Lower Garfield Street, led by Alyson Campbell. TheatreofplucK and four founding actors of Charabanc Theatre Company invite women to help us transform a public space. WHoLE takes pause to think about the experience of being a woman living with HIV in Northern Ireland today. Taking the idea of a hole as a metaphor for transmission and transformation, the piece asks: what histories, secrets, stigma, information, art or joy might slip through a small hole and be transformed at the other side? What does it feel like to live behind a mask?

The project will be live on:
Friday 11th Nov. - 5pm – 7pm
Saturday 12th Nov. - 11am – 7pm
Sunday 13th Nov. - 11am – 2pm

All women are welcome to participate in this project - follow the link below to sign up: