Returning to Outburst Queer Arts Festival 2017.

TheatreofplucK presents 

“Tactics for Time Travel in a Toilet” 

A place to hide. A place to feel. A place to love. A place to time travel! 

The toilet cubicle lock flicks from VACANT to ENGAGED, and four teenagers escape out of time and space. There is no fixed past or present, but there can only be one future. The possibilities are not limitless. Which future should they choose? And will it really get better? 

Belfast’s own queer performance company celebrates its tenth anniversary with a startling new production. Combining technology, music, and design, TheatreofplucK’s latest show dispels the myths of the documented past and presents a radical vision of our future. Politics is personal in this poetic production at their new queer performance space The Barracks.

This production forms part of the Queer Visions of Peace project in association with Ulster University and Queen’s University and is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.