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We Always Treat Women Too Well (2008)

Inspired by the scandalous 1947 French novella by Raymond Queneau, this interpretation by Andrew Holmes was a darkly funny and raunchy comedy set against the backdrop of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin.

Gertie Girdle finds herself hostage by a ragtag bunch of Irish rebels in a post office on the banks of the Liffey - including two eager, gay volunteers. Despite their leader's plea to 'Act correctly!' a series of shocking sexual encounters spiral out of control. Gertie's proto-feminist femme fatale wreaks havoc on their plans.

Fellatio, necrophilia and sodomy - Queneau even shocked himself and released the name under the pseudonym Sally Mara, not admitting his authorship until years later.

TheatreofplucK recreated his debauched world in a site-specific production using pyrotechnics, life-size puppets and promenade performance.

We Always Treat Women Too Well