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The Trouble With Harry by Lachlan Philpott (World Premiere)

A secret. A murder. And a mangy old hen that cock-a-doodles in the morning and sets tongues wagging, with the revelation of something even more shocking!

Based on the true story of Eugenia Falleni, who passed as a man in early 20th century Australia, Lachlan Philpott’s play picks apart the rules of gender and sexuality that punish any transgression in a time when even being able to identify oneself as ‘trans’ or ‘lesbian’ was a long way off for most people  There is no way to know what really happened behind the closed doors of bedrooms of the past and Philpott playfully explores this ambiguity and confusion to raise questions about our own assumptions of gender.

Alyson Campbell’s production was first performed as part of Outburst Queer Arts Festival in 2013, with Roisin Gallagher, Gordon Mahon, Louise Matthews, Matthew Mitchell, Stephanie Weyman and Michelle Wiggins.

The Trouble With Harry