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Divided, Radical and Gorgeous (D.R.A.G.)


Divided Radical And Gorgeous is a one man/woman show devised in collaboration with Belfast drag-performance artist, Trudy Scrumptious.  A semi-naked man bares his soul in stories of hard-assed paramilitaries and even harder drinking psychic relatives, all the while transforming himself into a torch-song singing temptress before your eyes.

Funny and poignant, D.R.A.G. is a crossdressing adventure, a very queer conflict story that could only have been born in Belfast.

D.R.A.G. was first performed as part of OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival in 2011, before being revived and extended with all new trannie bits for Belfast Pride in August 2012 (D.R.A.G. – Longer! Harder! Draggier!) - starring Paul Boyd.