GL RY is a performance installation made up of interweaving but separate parts.
A curated audio work, GL RY : US,  takes the listener on a guided walk around various locations in Belfast city centre listening to experiences of people living with HIV as you walk. Some of these pieces are direct, verbatim testimonies of people living with HIV that we have interviewed, and some are poetic responses by the project writer Lachlan Philpott and the creative team. It began with discussions and interviews with people living with HIV in Northern Ireland, and sets out to respond in different ways to the experiences we heard about.  

To take the tour, please visit The Barracks in Exchange Place at the following times to collect a map and borrow a listening device, or download the audio guide onto your own phone or mp3 player below.

Thursday 10th Nov. - 12pm-7pm
Friday 11th Nov. - 12pm - 7pm
Saturday 12th Nov. - 12pm - 7pm
Sunday 13th Nov. - 11am - 2pm


Infinity Cupboard

Infinity Cupboard is the starting point to GL RY.  Housed within a secret room adjoining TheatreofplucK’s home The Barracks on Exchange Place, you are invited inside this cubby hole to begin to question what you and the citizens of Belfast really know and understand about living with HIV in Northern Ireland. 

Where: The Barracks, Exchange Place.
When: Thurs. 10th Nov. 12 - 7pm / Fri. 11th, 12 - 7pm / Sat. 12th, 12 - 7pm / Sun. 13th,11am - 4pm


Question Hole
& Listening Booth

We've undertaken interviews and discussions with people living with HIV, vox pops and discussions to try to understand more about what people in NI know, or don’t know, about HIV. The question hole is a roving installation where you can post your question about HIV through the hole and receive an answer, while Listening Booth provides a place where you can hear more about the experience of living with HIV in NI.

Where / When: The booths will pop up in random places, Thursday through Sunday, to take the public by surprise...


Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment explores the issue of stigma around HIV and responds to the silencing impact the virus has upon the people affected by it.  Questions around terminology, divulgence of information and education are raised in this installation suitably situated inside a library where knowledge is sacred, but silence is golden. 

Where: Central Library, Royal Avenue
When: Thurs. 10th Nov, 12 - 7pm / Fri. 11th, 12 - 4:30pm / Sat. 12th, 12 - 3:30pm.


Tea Dance

The Tea Dance - or the tea-cell dance, as we like to call it - is a one-off cabaret performance extravaganza, with the added benefits of tea and cake. It tells the narrative of Belfast performer Matthew Cavan’s diagnosis of HIV and his decision to talk publicly about it. This story will be interrupted by pop quizzes, the adventures of Cake Daddy and Pig Boy and a bit of Golden Girls and a few songs  thrown in for good measure...!

Where: 101 Donegall Street
When: Sunday 13th Nov, 4pm
Cost: £8


WhoLE responds to the experiences of women living with HIV in Northern Ireland. It's very hard for them to speak out, but the words you hear in this work come directly from them, voiced by the pioneering actors of Charabanc, Northern Ireland’s first female-led theatre company. We've also invited 53 members of the public to participate, as a show of solidarity against the stigma often associated with HIV.

Where: PLACE, Lower Garfield St.
When:  Fri. 11th Nov., 5 - 7pm / Sat. 12th, 11am - 7pm / Sun. 13th, 11am - 2pm


934 responds to recent data identifying that there are 934 people receiving treatment for HIV in Northern Ireland, though there may be many more who are undiagnosed. A diagnosis of HIV can create a shift in self-perception. What happens when you look in the mirror and see yourself, but your 'self' has been radically altered? Featured in the front window at the MAC in St Anne’s Square, the installation reflects experiences of people we interviewed, and is accompanied by Lachlan Philpott’s audio work The Mirror, voiced by actors Jo Donnelly and Ross Anderson.

Where: Front window of the MAC, St. Anne's Square
When: Fri. 11th Nov., 5 -7pm / Sat. 12th, 12 - 7pm / Sun. 13th, 11am - 4pm